Highest quality for the most exacting demands.
And the most satified customers.

Georg Müller, Director

Our company’s philosophy

Anyone who has so many years of varied experience and specialist knowledge obtained through research and development in the field of grain processing can be trusted with a clear conscience. The aim of our work is to ensure satisfied customers and work in close partnership. We achieve this aim by

  • providing products that entirely fulfil the properties that our customers have requested
  • offering a flexible and reliable delivery service
  • supporting our customers if they have questions concerning product properties and technological applications
  • applying our IFS quality management system, which meets all requirements

Responsibility directed inwards

We are proud of our varied product range which allows us to process orders flexibly and with short lead times. We achieve this with our sophisticated raw materials chain and organisational structure. Interquell cereals is extremely willing to innovate and offers an expert service in terms of product advice. This is possible because we have highly-trained employees and many years‘ experience.

Responsibility directed outwards

We are very conscious of our responsibility to consumers. Our task is to bring safe products that conform to the legal requirement onto the market. We do this by establishing quality agreements with our suppliers and customers in which we specify the product quality and legal principles. We guarantee compliance by carrying out extensive testing and applying an active goods release system.


People and the environment are very precious to us. This is why Interquell cereals has undertaken a number of projects that place the emphasis on sustainability and environmental protection.
We use green energy and the latest production facilities with

  • PV systems for producing green electricity.
  • Condensate recovery systems to save water.
  • Heat exchangers that preheat fresh air with extracted air.
  • Production facilities that always conform to the latest environmental standards.
  • Short transport routes: We buy a large proportion of our raw materials directly in the region, thus protecting the environment.