Our products are packed full with local, organic produce

Our organic quality

Consumers‘ eating patterns have changed, with the result that organically-grown products that have been tested for pesticide residues are becoming increasingly important. We work with locally-grown raw materials from inspected environmentally-friendly farms, and can supply our customers with a comprehensive product range. Most of our standard range products are available as organic quality. We can guarantee this via our extensive product documentation and perfected batch traceability system.

Today’s organic farming is based on the strict legal requirements of the EU eco-regulations. Over the course of time, many different farming associations have grown up. Some of these place even stricter requirements on their products than those legally prescribed. We have opted for these standards. Interquell cereals is certified for processed products from organic production, and produces in adherance to the Demeter and Bioland guidelines.


Our organic certificates

EU Organic (PDF)

Bio-Bayern (PDF)

Bioland (PDF)

Demeter (PDF)